Cross Country Flight Planning for Beginners


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Are you ready to step up your skills and move beyond basic flying? It’s time for you to take the leap into the exciting world of cross country flight planning. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Rod Machado’s interactive program for Beginner Cross Country Flight Planning.

If you’re a student pilot who dreams of soaring across the sky, this course is your ticket. In it, Rod will go through essential topics like plotting courses onsectionals charting, adjusting for magnetic variation and windage, and using mechanical flight computers – all in order to get an accurate heading between airports. You’ll also gain invaluable knowledge necessary to pass the private pilot exam!

And that’s not all – once you complete this course, an expert panel will certify your results so you can prove to potential employers or schools that you have what it takes to be a professional pilot. Get ready for takeoff! Join Basic Cross Country Flight Planning by Rod Machado today and prepare yourself for success as a confident and skilled aviator.