Federal Aviation Regulations for Pilots


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Have you ever got bored reading the Federal Aviation Regulations? Highlighting your wings and freedom as a pilot might seem exciting but going through long, tedious paragraphs of regulations isn’t.

Well, not anymore! We have developed an interactive eLearning course on Federal Aviation Regulations for Pilots that promises an engaging and interactive experience. The course contains four hours of videos and animations explaining the FARs in a lighthearted yet informative way. You’ll learn or review everything from definitions to Part 61, Part 91 and even NTSB Part 830 with ease!

This course is tailored to make understanding the FARs straightforward so that our pilots can become competent, safe and knowledgeable aviators. Plus, this interactive format makes learning fun and enjoyable like no other. It’s time to stop dreading studying the regulations you need to pass your private pilot knowledge test. Stop feeling overwhelmed by federal regulations; help yourself get ahead with our courses today!