David Clark H10-13.4 Headset + Bag


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When it comes to aviation, clear communication and comfort are not just preferences; they’re necessities. The David Clark H10-13.4 Headset delivers on both fronts, setting the standard for pilots seeking both exceptional sound quality and enduring comfort. Crafted by the esteemed David Clark brand, this on-ear headset combines the very best in acoustic engineering and ergonomic design.

Key Benefits: Why Pilots Prefer the H10-13.4

Unmatched Sound Clarity

With its wired connectivity, the David Clark H10-13.4 Headset ensures you’ll never miss a transmission. Its cutting-edge technology offers crystal-clear audio, making it easier to communicate with ground control or fellow aviators.

Bluetooth Enabled for Flexibility

While the headset is primarily wired for guaranteed connection, its Bluetooth feature offers wireless convenience. Whether you’re syncing with your mobile device or another Bluetooth-enabled gadget, the H10-13.4 has you covered.

Optimal Comfort for Long-Haul Flights

When you’re at the helm for hours on end, comfort is key. That’s why this headset features a leather material, offering both durability and luxurious comfort. The on-ear form factor reduces pressure, allowing you to focus on the skies.

Protective Case for Easy Portability

Forget about wear and tear during travel. Your H10-13.4 comes with a protective case that safeguards your headset from any potential damage, making it easier than ever to take your headset wherever your journey takes you.

Designed for Adults, Built to Last

This isn’t a toy or a temporary solution. Designed with adult pilots in mind, the H10-13.4 showcases quality materials and superior craftsmanship, making it a lasting investment in your aviation career.

Additional Perks

  • Distinctive green color, adding a touch of personality to your gear
  • The package includes a protective case, ensuring your investment remains safe during transport
  • The leather material not only ups the comfort but also adds to the durability of the headset


Communication and comfort should never be compromised, and with the David Clark H10-13.4 Headset, they aren’t. From its top-tier sound capabilities to its user-focused design, this headset is the go-to choice for pilots who demand the best. And with the added benefit of a protective case, you can take this level of quality with you, wherever your career or passion for flying takes you.