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Are you a student preparing to get your Instrument Pilot rating, or an experienced instrument pilot just looking to brush up on your IFR skills? If so, Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot eGround School is the ultimate training library for you! With 26 complete online courses and 686 short video lessons offering an impressive 50+ hours of focused training, Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot eGround School will help you understand critical IFR concepts at a deeper level. Plus, 151 quizzes and 3 practice exams are also included to help reinforce your understanding of key concepts.

Every lesson and course in Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot eGround School is presented in an easy-to-navigate format and tackled one topic at a time. This means you can log in whenever you need to brush up on a certain topic and quickly jump right to that area. For busy pilots who don’t have extra time to spare watching endless hours of video or poring through textbooks, this is the ideal solution – it’s fast, convenient and effective learning.

Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot eGround School is the perfect way to help you reach your instrument-flying goals, no matter if you’re a beginner student or a Rusty Instrument Pilot. Rod covers all the topics you need to get your IFR rating or brush up on forgotten concepts — but don’t think it’ll be boring! Rod takes the typical dry topics and injects them with his signature humor and style. With Rod’s help, these complex topics can become interesting and engaging as he helps you better understand WHY they work they way they do.

If you want to take your knowledge from good to great, Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot eGround school is for you. Taking a traditional ground school one step further, this immersive course will equip you with the tools that can truly make a difference in your level of understanding and confidence on instrument flights. Plus, the interactive platform makes studying easier and allows for clear tracking of progress — because everyone likes checking something off their list! So don’t wait — join today and unlock your full potential as an Instrument Pilot.