Radar Imagery Explained

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Rod Machado’s 2.5 hour Radar Imagery Explained course provides pilots a comprehensive understanding of weather radar capabilities, imagery interpretation, and real-world application. Through clear explanations and visuals, you’ll learn to utilize radar technology to identify and strategically avoid hazardous convective weather when flying.

The course covers core radar principles including:

– Basics of radar theory and operation
– Reflectivity measured in dBZs and its significance
– Estimating rainfall and turbulence from radar returns
– Interpreting color scales on various radar displays
– Strengths and limitations of uplinked cockpit radar

Additional topics include:

– ASR approach control radar capabilities
– NEXRAD Doppler radar data
– WARP and terminal Doppler weather radar systems
– Real-time radar from STARS

Rod teaches radar image analysis in relation to aviation impacts. You’ll learn to distinguish threatening convective activity and exercise smart avoidance strategies. The course comes with extra study materials and knowledge checks.

This interactive training is ideal preparation for utilizing inflight radar imagery systems to their full potential. With improved convective weather interpretation skills, you can make safer go/no-go and routing decisions in IFR or VFR flight.

For just $29.95, take your aviation weather knowledge to the next level. Be able to read between the lines of radar imagery and understand how to identify and steer clear of hazardous weather. This course is a must for all pilots flying with cockpit radar capabilities.