Rod Machado’s Private/Commercial Pilot Audiobook


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Rod Machado’s Private/Commercial Pilot Audiobook provides over 30 hours of engaging audio content to help you learn essential aviation knowledge for private and commercial licensing. Available for download to a convenient smartphone app, this audiobook delivers Rod’s acclaimed instruction in an easy listening format.

Created in Rod’s warm, conversational teaching style, the audiobook covers all the knowledge areas in his Private/Commercial Pilot Handbook. Listen during your commute, at home, or anywhere to absorb the material hands-free. Rod’s lively delivery makes learning enjoyable and sticks with you.

Key topics covered in the audiobook include:

– Principles of flight and aircraft control
– Aviation weather sources, phenomena, and analysis
– Airspace classes and operating requirements
– Navigation systems, techniques, and planning
– Aviation physiology, illusions, and fitness
– Weight and balance calculations
– Emergency operations and procedures
– Plus much more critical knowledge

This tool helps you:

– Prepare for FAA Private and Commercial Knowledge Exams
– Get ready for oral testing for certificates
– Refresh and maintain current pilot proficiency
– Become a safer, more knowledgeable aviator

For maximum comprehension, the audiobook is best used along with the accompanying eBook containing supporting graphics. Downloads are non-refundable.

With over 30 hours of instruction spanning private and commercial knowledge, this audiobook delivers flexibility and convenience. Listen anywhere to absorb Rod’s proven training like having an instructor by your side. Essential preparation as you progress in your aviation education!