Rugged Air RA200 General Aviation Headset for Student Pilots


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Your Flight Journey Starts Here: Rugged Air RA200 General Aviation Headset for Student Pilots

An Unbeatable Offer: Get More, Spend Less

Start your pilot journey with not just the Rugged Air RA200 headset, but also receive an $18 Rugged Headset Bag at no additional cost. It’s the perfect combo for those stepping into the world of aviation or looking for an economical yet quality solution.

Ultra-Lightweight Without Compromise

Forget the cumbersome headsets that bog you down; the RA200 comes with an overall weight of just 16.24 oz. Now you can focus more on your flying skills and less on adjusting your gear.

Customizable Comfort, All-Day Wear

Tired of headsets that just don’t feel right? The RA200’s custom-fit headband allows you to adjust the tension for the perfect fit, ensuring you enjoy all-day flying comfort.

Crisp Sound Quality, Exceptional Hearing Protection

The adjustable single volume knob controls the 50mm audio speakers for impeccable sound quality. And let’s not forget the impressive 24dB NRR* that offers top-notch hearing protection without sacrificing audio clarity.

Crystal Clear Communication

Equipped with an Electret Noise Cancelling mic, the RA200 ensures that your voice is picked up loud and clear, whether you’re communicating with ATC, passengers, or flight instructors. Add to that Gold Plated GA Plugs, and you’ve got a solid, uninterrupted connection.

Maximum Comfort, Minimum Distractions

Say goodbye to discomfort and wind interference. The RA200 comes with foam ear seals for unmatched comfort and a mic muff that effectively blocks off wind noise. The Stay-Put Flex Boom allows you to position the mic exactly where you need it, ensuring crystal clear communication.

The #1 Choice for Aspiring Aviators

There’s a reason the Rugged Air RA200 is the number one selling general aviation headset for student pilots, passengers, and flight schools. Quality, comfort, and affordability all packed into one, making it your go-to option for an enriching flying experience.

Additional Perks for the Complete Experience

Don’t fret about where to store your headset after a fulfilling day of flying. The RA200 comes with a ballistic nylon bag that safely stores your headset until your next airborne adventure.

Embark on your flying journey with the full-featured, quality-built, and affordable Rugged Air RA200. It’s not just a headset; it’s your ticket to the skies.