The Art of the Instrument Scan


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Welcome to the revolution in learning instrument flight: The Art of the Instrument Scan! In just three simple steps, you’ll learn exactly which instruments are primary and have an edge over other pilots. Our revolutionary instrument scan technique works for both analog instruments and primary flight displays. Imagine being able to fly partial panel with confidence, or easily recovering from unusual attitudes – it’s as easy as our slogan ‘scan it and know it!’

Our eLearning course starts with simple localizer/VOR/glideslope bracketing techniques that make aircraft control on instruments a breeze. Every section contains helpful quizzes to test your knowledge, plus accompanying text in the ‘Notes’ section of our player. And keeping integrity in mind, we also cover all aspects of instrument scan situations for given conditions followed by issues that may arise while performing these activities.

So don’t be daunted by instrument scanning – whether you’re just starting out as a pilot, or retraining with new navigation systems, get up-to-date training today and start harnessing The Art of the Instrument Scan like a pro!