Understanding Airspace


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Welcome to Rod Machado’s Understanding Airspace. At last, a comprehensive overview on why the airspace system in the United States is the way it is today! Whether you’re new to aviation or have experience in flying, this course provides valuable insight and understanding of the sometimes mysterious (but totally accessible) modern airspace system.

This comprehensive eLearning product includes information on a plethora of topics related to understanding airspace. Have all your questions answered about why Class A airspace begins at 18,000 feet (FL180), why Class E begins at either 700′ or 1,200′ AGL and more other inquiries. Discover VFR cloud clearance for above and below clouds, find out about SVFR minimums, gain knowledge on estimating flight visibility at satellite airports, and more – all with Rod Machado’s friendly and confident style. For those seeking an even further interactive experience there are also quizzes included to test your knowledge after each section. The Notes section of the player also allows for a great lesson on the history of our airspace system in the United States – allowing learners to truly understand where we’ve been and use that important information as a reference point as they move forward in their aviation journey! So what are you waiting for – start your journey into Rod Machado’s Understanding Airspace today!