Understanding Weather


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Rod Machado’s 5.5 hour interactive Understanding Weather eLearning course makes learning aviation weather concepts simple and enjoyable. Created specifically for pilots who struggled grasping weather fundamentals during ground school, this course fills in knowledge gaps in a lively, memorable way.

Through Rod’s popular Laugh & Learn teaching style, you’ll gain true comprehension of abstract weather principles and how they apply in real-world flying. The course focuses on clarifying challenging ideas like frontal systems, cloud formation, icing, thunderstorms, fog, winds, and more. Rod transforms difficult weather theory into easy-to-grasp lessons using his engaging explanations, animations, and flight scenarios.

Key topics covered include:

– Atmospheric composition, pressure, and moisture content
– Wind generation and dangerous mountain waves
– Cloud types and associated dangers
– Identifying and avoiding icing conditions
– Rain, snow, and hail development
– Air masses, fronts, and storm systems
– Thunderstorm hazards and how storms mature
– Low pressure systems and associated winds
– Visibility reducing precipitation like fog and mist
– Interpreting coded weather data from forecasts and briefings

The interactive course allows you to learn at your own pace through video lessons and quizzes. You’ll gain the knowledge to understand weather briefings and make smart go/no-go flying decisions. It meets 2023 ACS standards and is frequently updated.

For just a fraction of the cost of flight training, you get 5.5 hours of invaluable weather wisdom from renowned instructor Rod Machado. This course ensures you fully grasp the environmental factors that impact safe flying.