I have about 30 years’ experience flying/instructing including time as an flight examiner. I flew F-16s for 20 years and was an instructor and flight examiner in three different USAF fighters.  I have experienced multiple combat tours, shot air to air missiles, and have dropped many a weapons on bad guys. I was named best instructor in a number of fighter training classes. I was named number 1 flight examiner by a four-star general in a command of about 30,000 people.

Distinguished Graduate

I attended pilot training with 27 other classmates – some CFIIs, some commercial pilots, some were already established aviation careerists.  Me? I had ZERO prior training. Yet, I graduated as the Distinguished Graduate. I earned multiple awards including Top T-37 and T-38 student. We had four fighters to choose from in our class of 27 and I picked one.

I did all of this with a newborn baby and a 1.5-year-old. When my peers (competition) laid their heads down to go to bed, that was about the time I was able to start studying.

Triple Seven Aviation Flash Cards

My Flashcards

I give much credit to my over 1,300 handwritten flashcards. I had a card for just about every nut and bolt on the airplanes. Every instrument procedure, every weather question, every system, and every rule/regulation. I believe in flashcards.

We are ALL VERY busy and what little time we have to dedicate to studying MUST be focused, exacting, time efficient, and economical. That is exactly what these cards provide. My goal is NOT to produce a pilot that can pass a checkride. My goal is to produce pilots that are confident, exacting, attention detailed, knowledgeable and safe. By virtue of teaching/instructing to this standard, passing a checkride is a second order effect.

My Standards

My standard is perfection. Period. I know I will fall woefully short of this many times but I will at least have achieved excellence. This is the standard I hold my students to. They will all tell you that flying with me is stressful but they know that they are better pilots because of it. I have to turn down students. When I do stage checks they want to have me as their instructor and I have to tell them no.

I have done my best to capture the pertinent and important information you will need as a Private or Instrument Pilot into my flashcards. I’d love to put all 30 years (LOL) but we’d be back to 1,300 cards again!  So, I’ve kept the count to about 240.

My cards include QR codes for further study to include some instruction videos I have made.

For those of you studying, I find them a must have. For those of you with loved ones currently training, they make GREAT stocking stuffers.

I am running a 15% Holiday discount. And, if you grab both Private and Instrument, take another 10% off.  Use the code:  777HOLIDAY

Visit my site at triplesevenaviation.com

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