Last month, the training aviation industry witnessed the launch of Private Pilot Exams, a study platform created by three young flight instructors with the mission of helping student pilots allaround the world to successfully pass their PPL exams.

Private Pilot Exams is the biggest and most up to date question bank, apart from being the onlyplatform that provides all of its content in the two most spoken ICAO languages: English andSpanish. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. As one of the team members mentions, the maindifference compared to other similar platforms is the high-quality value explanations found in each and every one of their questions:

Our main objective is not only to help students pass their exams. We firmly believe in the teaching potential of our platform together with the ability we have to share knowledge through our detailedexplanations which always include a photo, a diagram or a mnemonic colour code.

Besides the explanations, Private Pilot Exams comes with a set of tools to facilitate the learning process of the student pilot:

  1. Prediction algorithm, that will show the most likely questions to come up in the official
  2. exams.
  3. The possibility to create custom tests using their search option.
  4. Comment section to solve doubts and interact with other student pilots around the world.
  5. Official exam simulator.

You want to know more? Check out their website

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